Sentence Diagramming Resources

Sentence Diagramming, as implemented in the SenGram game, is a technique for learning and teaching the grammar of the English language that has a relatively long history.

This page contains a collection of interesting links to sentence diagramming websites maintained by third parties that are unaffiliated with Soferio Pty Limited.

Sentence diagramming in the press

NYT Article,  written by Kitty Burns Florey, followed by many interesting comments by New York Times readers.

Washington Post article: "Sentence Diagramming Making a Comeback".

In 2008, Slate, an online magazine, published an interesting article which sought to diagram the sentences of Sarah Palin, a former US vice-presidential candidate.

Article in the Huffington Post concerning the diagramming of the sentences of President Obama, based on an earlier detailed blog post by Garth Risk Hallberg.

School-published article about a class, ran by Lucy Ferris, receiving national attention.

Guides on how to diagram sentences

A collection of diagramming guides on the Capital Community College Foundation website.

An extensive collection of materials concerning diagramming on a website maintained by Mr Eugene R. Moutoux.

A website ("English Grammar Revolution") concerning grammar and diagrams for both teachers and students curated by Ms Elizabeth O'Brien.

The pedagogic value of grammar instruction and sentence diagramming

Chapter 7 of a book published online by the National Council for the Teaching of English (NCTE), titled "Grammar Alive!", contains a discussion of how sentence diagramming can be incorporated into modern English instruction in class.
Article by Kitty Burns Florey in 'American Educator' (Summer 2008).

An article by Mark Pennington of Pennington Publishing which discusses the proper role of sentence diagramming in a balanced English writing course.

A blog containing some discussion of the value of sentence diagramming in schools.

An interesting website concerning grammar education in Illinois.

"The War Against Grammar", a provocative book which discusses the decline in the formal teaching of grammar.

Article in the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Some discussion, including some criticism, of sentence diagramming is contained in the Wikipedia entry for sentence diagramming.

Mixed discussion on Language Log(and see the related comments).

History of diagramming

A blog post ('Separated by a common language") about the history of diagramming.

See also Kitty Burns Florey's articles above.

Books concerning sentence diagramming

There are many available on


Sentence-diagramming art (by Nicholas Knight; read the reviews).

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